C Source Code Navigation Software

As an  ex-developer in C, my primary tools for source code editing was VIM.  Alot of people still use it.  Infact, to begin kernel auditing recently, all I used was CVSWeb as I didn’t have the bandwidth to download the sources directly.  After broadband was enabled, I downloaded the kernel sources and then installed Cygwin to give me grep and some scripting abilities.

 The method I used is probably common, but probably less than optimal.

The most commonly talked about software for auditing and source code analysis is Source Insight.  A 30 day evaluation is offered with the full software.  It is not free after that however.

Maybe ctags is what people use?

I’d be interested if anyone knows of any free software that performs in the context of source code analysis for C?


2 responses to “C Source Code Navigation Software

  1. red hat`s source navigator is pretty good for me , win and linux versions , totaly free

  2. I use ctags + cscope + vim.
    ctags adds nice code browsing bindings to vim Ctrl-] on a function/struct/field to go to its definition, Ctrl-t to go back.
    cscope simplify the grepping of source.
    cscope will call vim (if EDITOR=vim) so the correct call for you may be :

    cd /usr/src/linux-kernel/
    $ ctags -R . /usr/src/linux-kernel-includes/ /usr/src/othersrc
    $ cscope -R -s/usr/src/linux-kernel-includes/,/usr/src/othersrc

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