Abalastow Compendium

For the meaning of the title see below..  By the way, I looked at the google Android sources which include some linux kernel patches.  Seems they have a few bug fixes that havent been pushed upstream yet.  Nothing major, just interesting to note.

I’m playing a game launched by XXX for his students (he’s now teacher in a Minnesota University), the goal is to be the first ranked on google results of the search “Abalastow Compendium” (I was first yesterday, but another friend of him beat me this morning).
I know that you’ve got a serious blog, but could you create an entry, with Abalastow Compendium title with content linking to http://abalastow-compendium.meroware.com


4 responses to “Abalastow Compendium

  1. Hi Silvio, thanks for the link… but you’ve included the facebook wrapper of the url 😉

  2. ok, fixed.

  3. How come you did not own a computer for 5 years?

  4. Hey Silvio,

    Jok cleaned the clock of my students 🙂 Hope you’re well.

    XXX, er I mean Dan

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