My Research Application

I submitted my research application to the University ( today.  It is for a Masters (in Informatics) degree.  The research topic I proposed is “Fast Automated Malware Unpacking and Classification”.  This will be based on the emulator and unpacker I’ve been working on and blogging about.  Things I will do for the research that I haven’t done yet, is to implement dynamic binary translation, and use the structural classification based on control flow used/documented by Zynamics/Halvar Flake etc which they say is not for the desktop, and make it usable for realtime desktop on-access applications.  I will also integratethe ClamAV signature database.  Its basically going to be a fast anti-malware system.  I’m not sure if I will make public the source code, but I have talked to my (to be) supervisor, and he is fine with it if I choose to do that.


One response to “My Research Application

  1. Score one for open source 🙂 (if you decide to go that route)

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