Attending the University Academic Awards Presentation

Just got back from CQUniversitie’s academic awards night.  Had an open bar before and after the presentation and nibbly type food at the end.  I received the Queensland Alumina Ltd prize for highest GPA in Information Systems Project Management.  It was a pretty nice event.. Much better than the last time I received an award in 1994, when it was a fairly non fuss thing in a tiny room without very few people.  Tonight, this year for the first time they put all the awards presentations for each faculty together, and made it much more grander and official – hence the drinks and food – Even the Mayor attended.. Yes, I live in a tiny town..

I’m still working on the x86->ir code which I’ve been procrastinating about.  Also been doing some small attempts at refactoring my code.  40,000 lines (including public domain code I imported such as libdasm).. Splitting up giant source files, moving files into separate directories etc..  I’ll probably also write up this week a basic outline of the literature review I have to do for my degree.


One response to “Attending the University Academic Awards Presentation

  1. Nice one Silvio! Congratz.

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