Monthly Archives: August 2010

New Focus to Blog

It’s been a long time since I last posted and actively maintained this blog.

The reason for not posting is primarily because I have been trying to publish my research while at University. Dual submissions to the blog cause problems with the novelty of research. It seems that it is a hard balancing act to manage.

Then where am I up to now.. I submitted my Masters thesis in May – which includes the automated unpacker I spent many blog posts discussing. Since that time I have now started a PhD at Deakin University, continuing the topic of malware detection and classification.

In trying to balance University and what I can post in a blog, I believe I may have found a way to combine these two worlds.

I have recently been developing User Interfaces to my program analysis and malware classification system. Although I will not be making the source code available, I hope to make a web site or client sofware available for the public. The time frame is not certain, so I doubt it will be public before the end of the year.

The development of the UI seems like an opportunity to keep a video dairy and blog account of how the code progresses. I can’t comment too much on the details of any novel algorithms until the research has been published, but there is much to talk about in a UI and program  analysis in general.

The video progression of the UI can be seen at

This is also an opportunity for people to provide feedback in the direction of the UI.

The interface is still in a very early stage of development. I’ve been coding the Java binary analysis GUI for about a week and a half, and this is my first forray into any real Java programming.

I have spent probably a cumulative time of a month or more on the web interface to the malware classification system.

I hope people enjoy this new direction to the blog – because an active blog is better than in inactive blog!